Appendix 4: Checklists


​Checklist for forms

This checklist offers ​a quick way for you to review a form to see whether it uses clear language and is easy to follow. Not all questions will apply to every form, but try to answer 'yes' as much as possible to the questions that do apply.​


 ​ Yes​ No
Language, punctuation and grammar   
1. Does the form use 'you' and 'we', where possible? □​​
​2. Are most questions in the active voice?
3. Are questions written clearly?
4. Does the form define any specialised terms or abbreviations clearly?
5. Does it avoid Latin and French phrases and Latin abbreviations?
6. Do similar questions use similar words and punctuation?
7. Are questions punctuated correctly?
1. Does the form include clear instructions at the start?
2. Ar​​e any 'official use only' sections placed near the end of the form?
3. Does the form ask questions in a logical order?
4. Does it avoid unnecessary or repeated questions?
5. Does it group similar questions together under useful headings?
6. Does it keep numbering as simple as possible?
Page design   
1. Does it avoid underlining, groups of italics and unnecessary capital letters?
2. Does it use a font that is easy to read?
3. Is it clear where to give answers?
4. Is there enough space for answers?
5. Does the form use tick-the-box questions where possible? □​