Appendix 3: Words and phrases to use


Try to use everyday words as much as possible. In this part of the guide, you'll find alternatives to common complicated words and long-winded phrases.

26TEN is also developing alternative suggestions for medical, legal, financial and social terms that are more likely to be understood by non-specialist readers.

In the meantime, Ireland's National Adult Literacy Agency has some available on their website. Please note that some of their suggestions are intended to be broad alternatives rather than strict definitions or equivalents.


Everyday words

Instead of Consider
accompanyjoin, go with
ascertainfind out
auditreview, check
avail oftake up, take
beneficialhelpful, useful
biannuallytwice a year
bienniallyevery two years
calculatework out
ceaseend, finish
commencestart, begin
confiscatetake from
constitutemake up, form
determinecheck, work out
disseminateshare, spread
facilitate​​make easier, help, enable
in lieu ofinstead of
incrementalgradual, little by little
inter aliaamong other things
interimtemporary, meantime, for now
modificationchange, alteration
optimumbest, greatest, most
participatetake part
quarterlyevery three months
is resident, residingliving
terminateend, finish


Concise words

Instead of Consider
adequate number ofenough
adjacent tobeside, next to
as a result of, due to the fact thatbecause
at the present timenow, currently
by means ofby, with
come to the conclusionconclude
draw to your attentionpoint out, show
during the course ofwhile
excessive number oftoo many
for the duration ofduring, until the end
for the purpose ofto
give an indicationindicate, signal
give consideration toconsider, think about
hold discussions, hold meetingsdiscuss, meet
in conjunction withwith
in possession ofhave, own
in proximity tonear, close to
in receipt ofreceiving, getting
in reference toabout
in respect ofabout, for
in the course ofduring, while
in the event thatif
In the absence ofwithout
in view of the fact thatsince, because
it would appear thatapparently
large proportion ofmany
make an applicationapply
not in a position tounable to
notwithstanding the fact thatdespite, even if, however
not later thanby, on or before
on a daily basisdaily, every day
on behalf ofby, for
on condition thatif
on the part ofby
provided thatif, as long as
subsequent toafter
sufficient number ofenough
take exception todisagree with, object to
under the provisions ofunder
until such time thatuntil
with regard toabout