Appendix 1: A list of all the steps and tips


Step 1   Think about your reader

Know who you are writing for and why

Write for your reader

Step 2   Organise your content

Use plenty of signposts

Use clear paragraphs

Keep documents as short as possible

Step 3   Write your content

Be personal

Use everyday words

Keep sentences short

Use the active voice

Know when to use the passive voice

Avoid using nouns made from verbs

Remove unnecessary words and phrases

Be consistent

Be specific

Spell out acronyms

Use questions and answers


Step 4   Check what you have written

Edit carefully

Use a house style guide

Test your document with readers

Use readability tools as a guide only


Step 5   Design and produce your document

Choose a readable font

Make the font large enough

Make important points stand out clearly

Use left aligned text

Images can help

Watch your line spacing

Avoid background images

Use good quality paper

Have a good contrast

Watch out for shadowing

Use colour and shading with care