26TEN Communities: Local Literacy for Work and Life

Applications will open for the program, 26TEN Communities: Local literacy for work and life, Saturday 30 January 2021. 

More information, and the link to the application form, will be available on this webpage on 30 January 2021.

26TEN Communities have changed and are offering more resources for longer

The way 26TEN Communities are set up and funded has changed. While the purpose of a 26TEN Community stays the same, the new program significantly boosts the capacity of communities to make a difference to adult literacy and numeracy skills. 

The new program, 26TEN Communities: Local literacy for work and life, was developed through community consultation and based on data and feedback from the eight original Communities. The feedback was that lasting change takes more than two years of funding because establishing trust, changing culture and building skills takes time.

What are the changes?

The 26TEN Communities Program is based on the previous 26TEN Communities grants program, but will be more focussed on activities to raise literacy and numeracy skills and be funded for longer. Funding has been increased to cover the cost of a 26TEN Community Coordinator and activities.

The community will have a number of local leaders who have the passion, time and influence to motivate others to take part. There will be a lead organisation in each community that hosts the 26TEN Community Coordinator.

The Coordinator’s role will be to support local leaders. They will also join with other local projects and activities, to ensure individuals involved are getting the literacy support they need.

Communities will be funded under a long-term commissioning model. This gives each community ownership of its contribution to our shared 26TEN goals. The community will follow 26TEN’s approach of collective action where services, businesses, government agencies, community groups and individuals work together to build literacy and numeracy skills.

What is a 26TEN Community?

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In a 26TEN Community everyone knows about 26TEN. Literacy and numeracy are talked about openly and seen as valuable skills that can be learned at any age. It is easy to ask for help as everyone understands there are many reasons why your reading, writing or numeracy skills are not as good as they might be. People who need to improve their skills feel comfortable to do so, and are appreciated for choosing to learn.

Programs and services to improve their literacy and numeracy are readily available, and learners are well supported to take each next step. Local literacy tutors provide friendly, practical help, and organisations run 26TEN employer grant projects to build skills at work.

Forms, signs and written information are well presented and easy to understand because people have the plain English skills to communicate clearly.

Is your community interested? Let us know.

26TEN Communities will be established in a flexible way according to community, government and industry priorities. The community may be based on a particular region, industry or sector or operate in a local government area. This will depend on local need, resources and opportunities. The host organisation must be a legal entity.

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For more information about 26TEN Communities see the recent Review, 26TEN in 2020, and the 26TEN Communities Guide and Toolbox: Becoming a 26TEN Community; Lifting adult literacy levels in Tasmania.

For advice contact Jen Dunbabin (03) 6165 6122 on Mon, Wed-Fri or Kate Boatwright (03) 6165 5515 Wed-Fri or email us at programs@26ten.tas.gov.au.