​Communicate clearly - A guide to plain English

This plain English guide is easy to use and includes tips to improve written communication. It has been produced by 26TEN, a network of people and organisations working together to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania.

Become a 26TEN community

The 26TEN Communities Guide is for anyone who wants to help lift literacy levels in their community and would like to work with others in a systematic way to do that. 

Become a 26TEN community Part 1

Become a 26TEN community Part 2

26TEN Checklists - Embedding plain English in your workplace

How well is your organisation using plain English? Use this checklist to find out. 

26TEN Checklist - Embedding Plain English in your workplace

Use the checklists below to assess your documents and forms for plain English.


Plain English checklist for forms


Plain English checklist for documents