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Helping Tasmanians improve their literacy and numeracy skills develops their skills and confidence, builds resilience in our communities and grows the state economy.

26TEN communities, where people and organisations work together for a common goal, are making a difference.

Become part of 26TEN’s network of people and organisations who know that adult literacy and numeracy is everyone’s business, and everyone can help.

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Take action with the help of the 26TEN Communities Program

The impact of the 26TEN Network at the community level is powerful. Implementing solutions that are collaborative, practical and tailored to the specific needs of each community is how a real difference is made. It lets more people get practical help where and when they need it, supported by local people and organisations.

26TEN Communities in action

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Communicate clearly - A guide to plain English

This plain English guide is easy to use and includes tips to improve written communication. It has been produced by 26TEN, a network of people and organisations working together to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania.

Communicate clearly - A guide to plain English (html)

Become a 26TEN community

The 26TEN Communities Guide is for anyone who wants to help lift literacy levels in their community and would like to work with others in a systematic way to do that.

Becoming a 26TEN Community: lifting adult literacy levels in Tasmania

26TEN Checklists - Embedding plain English in your workplace

How well is your organisation using plain English? Use this checklist to find out.


26TEN Tasmania: Tasmania's strategy for adult literacy and numeracy 2016-2025

​26TEN Tasmania is a long-term strategy for all Tasmanians who want to live in a state where all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communications skills they need for life. 

26TEN Tasmania Strategy

26TEN Tasmania Action Plan October 2015 - October 2017

26TEN Tasmania Strategy - Action Plan

The Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan 2010-2015

Action Plan 2010-2015

Adult Literacy Action Plan Annual Report 2014-15

Annual Report 2014-15

Adult Literacy Action Plan Annual Report 2013-14

Annual Report 2013-14

The Tasmanian Literacy Action Plan Annual Report 2012-13

Annual Report 2012-13

Australian Bureau of Statistics

​Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIACC), Australia 2011-2012

International Assessment of Adult Competencies 2011-2012

​Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey, Summary Results, Australia, 2006

Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey 2006

Aspects of Literacy: Assessed Skill Levels, Australia, 1996

Aspects of Literacy Assessed Skills Levels 1996

Investing in Workplace Literacy Pays

Investing in Workplace Literacy Pays

26TEN Tasmania: Tasmania’s strategy for adult literacy & numeracy 2016-2025 2016 Progress Report

2016 Progress Report (pdf)


Free workshops from 26TEN

We offer a range of free workshops to help raise awareness of literacy and numeracy, and to help build communication skills.

26TEN workshops

What's happening

What’s happening

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