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Communicate clearly - A guide to plain English

This plain English guide is easy to use and includes tips to improve written communication. It has been produced by 26TEN, a network of people and organisations working together to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania.

Communicate clearly - A guide to plain English (html)

Communicate clearly - A guide to plain English (PDF)

Become a 26TEN community

The 26TEN Communities Guide is for anyone who wants to help lift literacy levels in their community and would like to work with others in a systematic way to do that.

Becoming a 26TEN Community: lifting adult literacy levels in Tasmania

Become a 26TEN community Part 1


26TEN Tasmania: Tasmania's strategy for adult literacy and numeracy 2016-2025

​26TEN Tasmania is a long-term strategy for all Tasmanians who want to live in a state where all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communications skills they need for life. 

26TEN Tasmania Strategy

26TEN Tasmania Action Plan October 2015 - October 2017

26TEN Tasmania Strategy - Action Plan

The Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan 2010-2015

Action Plan 2010-2015

Adult Literacy Action Plan Annual Report 2014-15

Annual Report 2014-15

Adult Literacy Action Plan Annual Report 2013-14

Annual Report 2013-14

The Tasmanian Literacy Action Plan Annual Report 2012-13

Annual Report 2012-13

Australian Bureau of Statistics

​Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIACC), Australia 2011-2012

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​Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey, Summary Results, Australia, 2006

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Aspects of Literacy: Assessed Skill Levels, Australia, 1996

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Investing in Workplace Literacy Pays

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