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What is the 26TEN Member Network?

The 26TEN Member Network is a growing network of business, community and government organisations working together to make it easier for more Tasmanians to get the skills they need for work and life. By becoming a member of 26TEN you can raise awareness of literacy in Tasmania and improve the skills of those in your organisation.

Our Members

The network has over 200 members and our list of members is growing.

What are the benefits of joining the 26TEN members network?

Members of the network can expect the following support:

  • access to support and advice including literacy awareness raising workshops, and plain English workshops
  • access to tools and resources to improve communication in your organisation, which may result in increased productivity and compliance, reduce safety incidents and help your people adapt to change
  • promotion by Libraries Tasmania of 26TEN members and related activities in media releases, newsletters, the 26TEN website and public reporting
  • listing and display of member organisation logos on the 26TEN Members Register
  • events for members
  • access to local contacts in the business, community and government sectors who are 26TEN Members
  • access to free 26TEN merchandising, which will help you to raise awareness of literacy and numeracy in Tasmania.

It is free and easy to join. You can call us on 1300 00 2610 or download the membership application kit. 

26TEN member action plan

Members develop an action plan to suit the goals of their organisation.  

Share your achievements

We encourage you to share your key achievements. We want to share on our website photos, good news stories, and newsletter articles from our members that show how they have raised awareness of literacy and numeracy, and positive achievements for their families, organisations and communities.

If you have any queries please contact the 26TEN support team.  We are happy to come out and talk to you about becoming a 26TEN member.

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Join the Member Network: 26TEN Network Member application form.PDF

Update your 26TEN Action Plan: 26TEN Member Network Action Plan yearly update form.PDF