Spreading the word


Making the shift to plain English will mean changing attitudes and old habits for many of us. It will take time, imagination and persistence, but the benefits are clear.

If you would like to see plain English being used in businesses, organisations and communities across Tasmania, add your voice to the growing number of people supporting this shift. Spread the word about plain English to family, friends and colleagues. Learn more about it through courses and books. Set up a practice group with others who are interested. If you receive confusing information from businesses or organisations, get in touch with them and suggest they rewrite it in plain English.

Print out this guide​. Use it until it's worn out and falls apart, then get a new one. Pass on copies to everyone you know. Encourage young people around you to read it and use it – they'll be the ones making a difference for Tasmania in a decade or two. Finally, think about becoming a member of the 26TEN network and joining forces with the wonderful people already involved.

We can all help to make Tasmania a place where written and spoken information is easy to understand and act on – not just for a few, but for us all.