Grants to build 26TEN Communities

Applying for a 26TEN Communities grant

How to apply

We use SmartyGrants, an online grants management system. Access the grant portal here.

Select the grant you are applying for.  When you start an application you will be required to login or register.

Once you have done this, you will be underway.

More information

The goal is to build communities where:
  • everyone knows about 26TEN
  • literacy and numeracy are talked about openly and seen as valuable skills that can be learned or improved
  • people can easily tap into programs and services to help them improve their literacy and numeracy
  • information is presented in ways that community members can readily understand.

Who can apply?

Any Tasmanian community, geographic or connected in other ways, with a strong, large network that has a passion for building the literacy and numeracy skills of their community. The community group that submits the application must be a legal entity.

Two types of grants are available.

A 26TEN Get Ready grant allows you to get ready to apply for a Get It Done grant, and you will be expected to have a completed application at the end of this grant. Grants of $2,000 - $10,000 (inc. GST) are available. 

A 26TEN Get It Done grant supports you to run your project. Grants of $10,000 - $50,000 (inc. GST) are available. 

Projects run for about 12 months.

Our publication Becoming a 26TEN Community is a useful guide to the steps a community needs to take. All applicants need to read it. Part 2 of the 26TEN Communities Guide is full of useful tools in building a community.

The 26TEN grants program to build 26TEN Communities 2019–20  information for applicants describes the program, including possible project activities, eligibility and selection criteria, what will and won't be funded, and reporting requirements. 

The risk management information and example budget are referred to in the application form.

Program History

Here is a list of organisations that have been awarded grants from 2014 - 2019. 


For advice 

Contact Jen Dunbabin (03) 6165 6122 on Mon, Wed-Fri or Kate Boatwright (03) 6165 5515 Wed-Fri or email us at