Budget example for grants applicants

This is just one example. Generally, salaries for skilled practitioners form the biggest part of a project budget, but the particular needs of your project will shape the details.

Project salaries


Amount requested 
(ex GST)

In-kind contribution
(ex GST)

Adult Literacy Skills Officer 580 hrs @ $70 per hour$40,600$0
Project Manager 40 hrs @ $50 per hour$ 1,000$ 1,000
HR Manager 156 hrs @ $40 per hour$0$ 6,240
Operations Manager 104 hrs @ $40 per hour$0$ 7,800
Employee release from work: 15 staff - 100 hours in total$0$30,000
Total $41,600 $45,040

Project non-salary expenses


Amount requested

(ex GST)

In-kind contribution 

(ex GST)

Computer and office for ALSO$0$2,500
Stationery and other consumables$2,000$2,000
Total $3,500 $4,500