Change your world - 26TEN Week 2020

Updated 11 September 2020​

This 26TEN Week we are celebrating those who change their world by improving their reading, writing or maths skills. We are also celebrating the adult literacy volunteers, adult literacy skills officers and teachers who help change our world. 

Improving literacy skills benefits all Tasmanians. And, we know that for everyone who changes their world, there are others who need encouragement to take that step to ask for help. Recognising success rewards the commitment of learners and volunteer tutors, and also inspires those who may be reluctant to ask for help, to come forward. So please join the celebration and share your story.

This October we are also highlighting our emoji campaign that aims to get young Tasmanians to ask for help with their literacy skills. Young adults are more like to be affected in an economic downturn, such as we are experiencing with the impact of Covid-19. They are even more disadvantaged if they struggle with reading, writing or maths. 

What can you do during 26TEN Week - 26 to 31 October 2020

Share our light-hearted emoji video that encourages Tasmanians to ask for help

  • share on your organisation's display TV or digital device 
  • play it to your family and friends, or at a work event. 
  • share on your Facebook page or other social media and tag @26TEN.



Facebook and Instagram videos (6 seconds) 

Share stories of how literacy changes our world

  • Use our mini-poster to tell us how the world has changed for you or someone you know. Kate writes on poster how 26TEN changed her worldTake a picture of you with the mini-poster and add it toFacebook or email to us at See Kate's demonstration on the right!
  • Organise a morning tea or join one happening near you - check out your local library for 26TEN Week events.
  • present a Certificate to someone you know doing a great job of changing the world by building their own literacy skills or supporting others.
  • Use the 26TEN Chat guidelines to encourage someone you know who struggles with reading, writing or maths.
Resources to help you highlight the world-changing impact of literacy  

Getting young adults to ask for help with reading, writing and maths 

Lifting reading, writing and maths skills in young Tasmanians is vital to the wellbeing, resilience and prosperity of our State. This is being highlighted in 26TEN Week this year. 
Young adults are more likely to be impacted by an economic downturn. They are more likely to be unemployed. They are even more disadvantaged if they struggle with their literacy. Low literacy can affect their confidence, employment, health and family. 

26TEN’s new campaign is fun and friendly and uses emojis to encourage young people to ask for help. Please spread the word by sharing our campaign videos. If you know a person struggling with literacy and numeracy, encourage them to call 1300 00 2610. 
By supporting 26TEN, you will be helping your fellow Tasmanians and building a state where we can all thrive.