TasTAFE Intro to Adult Tutoring


Are you interested in being an adult literacy tutor? TasTAFE is running one day introductions to their free, online course.

This workshop provides you with an understanding of the literacy needs in Tasmania, the building blocks that people need to achieve functional literacy and the attributes needed to be an effective tutor. Plus, learn how to refer someone to 26TEN. There are tools out there you can tap into right now and other opportunities to learn more about this for free!

Discover what it is like to be a tutor and how to get started. Topics include:

  • Adult learning and growth mindset
  • What is literacy?
  • Barriers and why
  • Reading and spelling
  • Numeracy, maths anxiety and maths literacy
  • Digital literacy and assistive technology


At the completion of the day, you will receive a Statement of Attendance.

To find out more please call TasTAFE on (03) 6165 5795 or email: general.education@tastafe.tas.edu.au 

This course is being held at the following locations.

25 October - Glenorchy Library Ph: (03) 6165 5493

26 October - Rosny Library Ph: (03) 6165 6448

  4 November - GeorgeTown Community Hub Ph: (03) 6702 6090

  8 November - Huonville Library Ph: (03) 6121 7010

  9 November - Starting Point Neighbourhood House Ravenswood Ph: (03) 6339 2861

10 November - Ulverstone Neighbourhood House Ph: (03) 6425 4186

15 November - Northern Suburbs Community Centre Newnham Ph: (03) 6326 5506

18 November - The 'Shed' Rocherlea Ph: (03) 6326 5506