Celebrating the power of adult literacy - 26TEN Week 2018


Celebrating the power of adult literacy -26TEN Week 2018 


This year, 26TEN Week celebrates #lifechangers. It's about those moments when literacy and numeracy support has changed a person's life. It might be they can now: 
  • read to their child 
  • get their driver licence 
  • look for a job online 
  • use the bus timetable to catch a bus
  • coach footy
  • get a promotion. 
The theme recognises the power of people continuing to learn throughout their lives and the huge impact improving their skills can have on their families, communities and work place. Meet some amazing #lifechangers on the 26TEN and the Adult Learning Australia websites.

A kit of resources to help members celebrate
We have sent all member organisations a kit to help them celebrate. It include posters, postcards, certificates and lollipops. 

If you are a supporter (individual) and would like a kit please contact us: email@26ten.tas.gov.au by 1 October 2018.

What can you do during 26TEN Week?

Celebrate lifelong learning with a morning tea and certificates for #lifechangers

Do you know anyone changing their life through building their skills in reading writing or maths?  Do you know someone who helps change lives by providing literacy support? Does your organisation provide ongoing learning, ensuring that people are able to keep up with modern work methods and technology? 

Why not celebrate this with an event and reward those who continue to learn or support learning with a #lifechangers certificate. 

Share stories of #lifechangers, whether they are adults building their skills, those who are helping build skills or those who are facilitating lifelong learning in organisations and communities.

Share stories and information on social media #lifechangers #26TENweek

Share stories of #lifechangers, whether they are adults building their skills, those who are helping build skills or those who are facilitating lifelong learning in organisations and communities.

Share posts from the 26TEN Facebook page and let us know if you post, so we can share your story. 

Visit the 26TEN website and share information or stories in your newsletter. 

Share the 26TEN cartoon about adult literacy 

Download or share our 26TEN Cartoon, made for us by Tasmanian cartoonist, Jon Kudelka. Why not display it on your organisation's display TV or digital device. 

It's a colourful and entertaining animation featuring familiar Tasmanian settings and scenes of daily life. It shows that some of us struggle to read at home, work and play. It ends by saying that sometimes people just need a little encouragement to ask for help and to start changing their life. 26TEN wants everyone to care about adult literacy and numeracy and to either ask for help or to encourage someone your know to ask for help. 

Share from our website

Share from YouTube 

Involve your workplace or community in 26TEN Week

26TEN Week is all about encouraging adults to identify ways in which they are a lifelong learner and to share this with friends. Events are a great way to demonstrate this. Encourage participants at your event to share their experience of how they have rediscovered the joy of learning and to share this through their own networks.

Here are some ideas.

  • Host a morning tea  
  • Create a display with 26TEN Week posters and brochures. Play the Kudelka cartoon in the background on a tablet or television. Print out the Facebook photo prop for people to take selfies to share
  • Make friends and influence people by baking some 26TEN Week themed cupcakes to share 
  • If you are hosting a Teddy Bear's Picnic for Children's Week display a poster 
  • Print out the GIANT (84cm x 117cm) Facebook photo booth prop and pop it in your organisation's tea room.  See how much time it takes before someone picks it up and takes a photo.

Other ideas

  • Like and follow the 26TEN Facebook page
  • Share photos and stories of life and use the hashtags #Lifechangers and #26TENweek  
  • Use the @ symbol to tag @26TEN in your social media posts so we can also share your stories. As you type in the @26TEN... our page will appear and you can select it from the list.
  • Share your stories to the 26TEN Facebook page. 




Resources you can print


26TEN Week Poster - Display this A4/A3 poster to show your support and raise awareness of the life changing power of adult literacy.

#Lifechangers Certificate - Award this to someone you know who has changed their life through adult literacy. You could also award it to someone who supports adult literacy.

26TEN Week Facebook  Photo Booth Prop - a little time-consuming to make but FUN

26TEN Week Facebook PropTo make this giant printable selfie prop (approx. 84cm x 117cm) A0 life-sized, or (approx. 42cm x  58cm) A2)  

Facebook Photo Booth Prop (A2) - Prints on 2 x A3 sized sheets of paper - DIY  print & paste onto board *Recommend for A3 sized printers/copiers.

Facebook Photo Booth Prop (A0) 9 pages - Prints on 9 x A3 sized sheets of paper - DIY print & paste onto board. *Recommend for A3 sized printers/copiers.

Facebook Photo Booth Prop (A0) 1 page - Prints on 1 x A0 sized sheet of board. Recommend send to printer.

Resources you can use online