George Town Adult Learners - Jasson

I'm Jasson and this is my story as an adult learner. 

After seeing an advert on TV I thought I would like to improve my spelling. I started going into the Launceston Library in 2016 for help with my reading and also in using a computer. Last year when I was in the Exeter Library they let me know that I could get this same support in Exeter, close to where I live, which suits me so much better. 

I now meet weekly with Carmel at the Tresca. Each lesson I am willing to have a go at doing some writing, I practice my spelling and she also gets me to read interesting books. 
I have really enjoyed being able to read the newspaper and so I am now able to talk to others about news articles I have read. 
Jasson 1.jpg
Picture: Jasson and Carmel reading.

Lisa in the Online Access Centre asks me each time I visit to tell her about some news I have read. I also now get support from Lisa with using a computer. Each week I gain more and more skills and I am now self-motivated to practise every day at home. 

I am really grateful for the support from Sophie at the George Town Library and the people in Exeter. My advice would be to have a go- it’s been worth it!