Let's Talk - 26TEN Week 2019

​26TEN Week - 21 to 26 October 2019

We invite you to support adult literacy by talking about 26TEN this October.

This year the 26TEN Week theme, Let's Talk, highlights the importance of verbal communication skills that connect us to our families and friends, workplaces and communities. Speaking and listening skills allow us to participate in society, to share information, and to understand the world we live in.  We express and clarify our thoughts and feelings through talking and listening.

Please share your displays, events and 26TEN activities with us via email@26ten.tas.gov.au or via Facebook.

Talk about 26TEN

There are any number of ways to celebrate our theme during 26TEN Week, for example you may like to talk about:

Everyday talking and listening skills

  • Speaking and listening at work - at meetings, passing on messages, giving and receiving instructions
  • Adults speaking, rhyming and singing with their children to develop their readiness for reading and writing.

26TEN and literacy awareness

  • Many people still don’t know that almost half of all Tasmanians struggle with the reading, writing and maths skills needed for everyday life. Many people don’t know that Tasmania leads the nation in providing support. We can encourage people to find out more from the Fact Sheets on the 26TEN website; www.26TEN.tas.gov.au.

Things you can do:

  • Have a morning tea and give people the opportunity to talk, listen and interact.
  • Present certificates for lifting skills 
  • Have a Let’s Talk talk or presentation about adult literacy or numeracy or an aspect of it. 
  • Sign up colleagues and friends as supporters.
  • Encourage organisations to sign up as members.
  • Hold a literacy awareness or plain English workshop.
  • Include an article about 26TEN in your newsletter.
  • Make the 26TEN Chat video part of your inductions and play on your display screens. 
  • Run the 26TEN Chat training for staff.
  • Wear your 26TEN badge (or use stickers) all week and encourage others to do so.
  • Make a “Let’s talk” media wall (inspired by the backdrops that celebrities have their photos taken against). Send us your pictures.
  • Use #26TENWeek and #LetsTalk26TEN for all social media posts.
  • Run sessions on learning to use assistive technology eg Siri.

Resources to support your display, morning tea, or other activity

Want more to talk about? 

Please email us at email@26ten.tas.gov.au for more information.