Join the 26TEN Coalition


The 26TEN Coalition is looking for new members; Tasmanians who have a strong connection or leadership role in their industry or community and are able to join the effort to lift adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania. Coalition members are highly experienced, qualified and committed leaders of the Tasmanian community who give their time pro bono to support 26TEN.

If you have the time, passion and influence in your sector, we invite you to apply for a position on the 26TEN Coalition. 

Siobhan Gaskell, Convenor, 26TEN Coalition, says it is a good time to join the Coalition because it now has solid foundation of experience in the complex issues of adult literacy and the respect of the communities and sectors members engage with. 

"As part of the 26TEN Coalition since the beginning, I can reflect on how far we have come in addressing the problem of adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania," said Siobhan. "We have raised awareness of the problem and seen many, many individuals, organisations and communities take action. Importantly, 26TEN has come a long way in establishing how to raise literacy and numeracy at the local level - what works and what doesn’t. And, the Coalition has been pivotal in providing the guidance and strategy behind this.
As a group, not only do we bring people together, we also drive strategy for the future. 

There is still so much to do and now, working together to build reading, writing and maths skills is more important than ever. If you believe you can inspire others to act and want to be part of a Coalition that is looking for the steadfast contribution of influential, knowledgeable Tasmanians, we would love to hear from you."

The 26TEN Coalition is supported by Government through Libraries Tasmania. Membership will start in October 2020 and is initially for two years.

If you are interested in being a member of this dynamic and high profile Coalition please download an application kit. Contact Sue Costello, Manager 26TEN for a hard copy of the kit or more information: 

About 26TEN and adult literacy 

Building reading writing and maths skills is an effective ways to build the prosperiity, wellbeing and health of our state. With almost half of all Tasmanian's struggling with literacy, 26TEN recognises that no single person or organisation will solve the state’s adult literacy issues – we need to work together

We need organisations  including all levels of government, community groups, businesses and individuals to collaborate to support Tasmanians to get the skills they need for everyday life. 

It’s vital for all of us to do this because when people have good basic skills in reading, writing and maths they have a better quality of life. They are more likely to have a good job, be healthy, and more active. And it's not just individuals who benefit, but our communities do to. When communities have higher levels of literacy they are more resilient. Businesses are more productive and society is more prosperous. 

Better literacy and numeracy means a better Tasmania for all.