Celebrating farming, ageing and life-long learning

A generation that remembers the introduction of the tractor and the telephone had no choice but to be a generation of life-long learners.

This is one of the key messages from a publication launched this week.
A Celebration of Farmers is a collection of interviews with older farmers who share their memories of life in the Meander Valley.

“Things on the land move quickly and there are always changes happening,” said Roy, one of the contributors.

The project is part of the Meander Valley Festival of Creative Ageing for Seniors Week 2017 and was made possible through the power of volunteers and help from Bendigo Bank.

The publication covers some of the greatest changes our society has ever seen from horse and carts to petrol engines and the introduction of the World Wide Web.

Congratulations to all those involved with this invaluable publication, including 26TEN adult literacy volunteers and Libraries Tasmania Deloraine’s literacy coordinator, Anne-Marie Loader.

It’s a great contribution to our farming heritage and the Meander Valley Festival of Creative Aging 2017.