Celebrate the power of families learning together in 26TEN Week, 2017

When parents and carers talk, read, sing and play with their children, from the time they are born, it supports the development of their children's speaking, reading, writing and counting skills.

Parents and carers have a significant impact on their children’s development, making them a child’s most important educator in the early years.

Even if adults have low literacy, they can still support their children in these early years by telling stories from pictures, and using words to describe everyday activities such as shopping or catching the bus.

Are you or do you know an adult who wants to improve their skills?

Adults who want to enhance their own literacy skills and be more confident to read to their children can talk to people at their local child and family centre or call 26TEN on 1300 002 610.

26TEN encourages adults and children learning together as a powerful way for everyone to raise their skills.

During 26TEN Week over 40 organisations are hosting almost 80 events around Tasmania. Events include activities in schools, local councils, child care centres, play groups and other 26TEN member organisations.

The benefits of adults learning to read, write and count

Many parents and carers have already benefitted from learning with 26TEN. They can now read with their children, help with their homework and read the notes sent home by teachers. Jade built his literacy skills at work as part of a 26TEN employer grant. This gave him the confidence to read to his daughter. 

About 26TEN
26TEN was launched five years ago and is an ambitious and unique strategy to lift adult literacy and numeracy rates in Tasmania. We work with businesses, community groups, educators, government and individuals so that all adults can get the skills they need for work and life.

26TEN represents the 26 letters of the alphabet and ten digits we use for counting.