26TEN Week in 2023

​26TEN Week 23-27 October 2023

Making numbers work for you 

This 26TEN Week, members of the 26TEN Network will be highlighting numbers and everyday maths. We invite you to join us and to encourage anyone who lacks confidence to seek support. 

About 60 per cent of Tasmanians struggle with basic numeracy, including tasks such as estimating the cost of a basket of shopping, understanding discounts such as 25 per cent off an item of clothing, paying bills and being able to take the correct dose of medicine. 

This has an impact on people’s lives including their confidence, health, job opportunities and their ability to support their children’s education. It also means that our State is missing out on the contribution that people might otherwise be making.

We aim for for all Tasmanians to have the confidence to use numbers to their advantage at work, at home and in their community. 

Please put 26TEN Week in your calendar and check out this site for great ideas and marketing materials in July .