26TEN Week in 2023

​26TEN Week 23-27 October 2023

Making numbers work for you 

Join us in highlighting the vital role of numbers and maths in our everyday lives. This 26TEN Week we invite you to share the benefits of improving numeracy skills whether at home, at work or out in the community.  

Most Tasmanian adults find everyday maths challenging and could benefit from support to improve their skills. 26TEN Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of numbers and maths, and to celebrate the achievements of those who have improved their skills. It is also a time to encourage people to get help if they need it.

Together, we can make numbers work for everyone. 

Take a moment to consider the ways that we use numbers in our everyday lives...

At home:
  • paying bills
  • working out the correct dose of medicine
  • measuring ingredients when cooking.
At work:
  • filling out a time sheet
  • estimating project costs
  • ordering and inventory of stock.
In the community:
  • estimating the cost of a basket of shopping
  • calculating a 25% off discount
  • reading a bus timetable and working out which bus to catch.

What can you do to celebrate 26TEN Week?

  • Have a 26TEN morning tea and give people the opportunity to talk, listen and interact.
  • Have fun with numbers by playing games such as Uno or Monopoly.
  • Download the below resources, such as a Facebook tile or email footer, to use during 26TEN Week.
  • Create a social media post and use #26TEN #26TENWeek #AdultNumeracy #MakingNumbersWorkForYou.
  • Encourage staff, clients, customers, friends and volunteers to enter our Supermarket Challenge prize draw by completing the everyday maths activity and submitting their entry.  

Let us know how you celebrate by sharing photos with us at email@26TEN.tas.gov.au.

Supermarket Challenge prize draw

Test your estimation skills with the Supermarket Challenge prize draw, and be in the running to win a gift voucher to the value of $25 and a bag of shopping!  Enter the 26TEN Week Prize Draw.

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Making numbers work for you
26TEN Week runs from 23-27 October 2023.  This year’s theme - 
Making numbers work for you - highlights the vital role of numbers in our everyday lives.  From measuring ingredients when we are cooking, to filling out timesheets at work, to estimating the cost of a basket of shopping, we use maths and numbers every day at home, at work and out in the community. 

Encourage people to seek help with numbers
Many Tasmanian adults find everyday maths challenging and could do with some help to improve their skills. 26TEN Week is an opportunity to let them know that help is available, and to encourage them to seek that help by calling the confidential, free helpline 1300 002 610.  

There are many advantages to improving skills
People who are confident with numbers are more likely to be employed, able to help their children with homework and able to manage their finances.  Better skills mean that everday life is made easier. 

Remember that we can all improve our skills, sometimes all we need is encouragement to make numbers work for us. 

Find out more information about 26TEN and how you can celebrate 26TEN Week at 26TEN Week in 2023