A decade of making a difference - 2012 to 2022

Posted 28 September 2022 

A decade of making a difference

In 2012, people representing business, communities and all levels of government joined with volunteers, educators, employers, adult learners and others to launch 26TEN.  Connected by 26TEN, our collective effort is building adult literacy and numeracy skills around the state and making a difference for all Tasmanians. 

Ten years on, in October 2022, we can reflect on the difference that we have made by working together, and strengthen our commitment to helping the many Tasmanians who are or  benefit from 26TEN. 

  1. Everyone knows about adult literacy and numeracy
  2. Everyone is supported to improve their skills and to help others
  3. Everyone communicates clearly.   

We also look to the future because there is still lots to be done and many more people who can build their skills and achieve their goals.

26TEN Week 24 - 28 October 2022

Our theme is: A decade of making a difference

Ways to reflect and celebrate

Enter our prize draw by sharing how 26TEN has made a difference for you

  • Submit a photo, video, drawing or story to share the difference 26TEN has made for you
  • Include the entry form
  • Every entry goes into the draw to win one of 26 Woolworths vouchers valued at $50 each
  • Ways to enter
  • Entries close 5 pm 31 October 2022.

Attend an event run by 26TEN members

Our list of events is provided by our members and supporters of the 26TEN Network. Let us know if you would like us to add your event: email@26TEN.tas.gov.au

Show our 10-Year Anniversary mini-documentary and shorter videos 

Be inspired by Tasmanians who are learning and the people and communities supporting them. 

Video - Mini-documentary, 8 Minutes

Videos around 3-4 minutes

Organise an event

  • Use our resources below to help you host your own 26TEN Week celebratory picnic, lunch or get-together for your community.
  • Enjoy a 26TEN Week picnic or morning tea and chat in one of the four 26TEN Communities. 

Share socially 

  • Follow our Facebook page for all the latest 26TEN stories, events and happenings in your local area and around Tasmania.

Get involved

  • Share your story! Enter our prize draw: just fill in the entry form and email it with your entry to email@26ten.tas.gov.au
  • Watch our new 10-Year Anniversary mini documentary and videos
  • Share a morning tea or picnic with your local community to celebrate everyone's successes
  • Share our 26TEN Facebook page
  • Watch the 5 minute 26TEN Chat video
  • Promote the 26TEN helpline - 1300 00 2610
  • Join as a supporter (individual) or member (organisation)
  • Encourage others to join
  • Talk to three people about adult literacy and 26TEN. Find our fact sheets here. 

For learners

  • Call the 26TEN helpline 1300 00 2610. Chat to someone who knows how to help
  • Practise reading every day – even for just 5 minutes
  • Encourage others to learn
  • Watch Inspire Learners: Big Changes for Learner Liz  (1 min 13 seconds)

For supporters

For 26TEN Communities

  • Make a 26TEN display. 
  • Host a breakfast or morning tea with your local community to celebrate everyone's successes.
  • Hold a 26TEN Literacy Awareness workshop at library, neighbourhood house or other community gathering places.
  • Engage a local learner to tell their story about adult literacy and numeracy.
  • Invite an organisation in your area to become a 26TEN member.
  • Email 26TEN to ask about free Literacy Awareness or Plain English workshops.
  • Invite local learners to share their story. 
  • Support 26TEN on your Facebook page.

For member organisations and those in the 26TEN Network

Resources as at 28 September 2022

Downloadable resources to help you celebrate 26TEN Week

Prize Draw

Social Media 


Video - Mini-documentary, 8 Minutes

Videos around 3-4 minutes

Videos around 7-20 seconds for social media

Get in touch

If you have any ideas or would like a hard copy of any of our resources, let us know.  Email: email@26ten.tas.gov.au