Happy 26TEN Week!

26TEN Week 2021

Celebrating adult literacy and numeracy 

 26TEN Week  25-29 October 2021

Small steps, big changes.

9 September 2021 - updated with new resources 

We all know the feeling of finding a challenge just too big or scary to take on. That's why many adult learners hesitate before asking for help and some never do. They may also feel it is too late for them to learn, or be ashamed of their lack of skills. We can help change this. 

It's time to take small steps...

In 26TEN Week, we're highlighting the value of breaking the challenge of improving reading, writing and maths skills into small steps. We all have a role, whether we are learners, educators, employers, service providers or someone who wants to help. 

...and celebrate big changes

We know that when people discover they can learn, they gain confidence. This leads to larger steps and that leads to big changes. For example, Shannon thought she couldn't learn, but decided to volunteer at the Clarence Plains Child and Family Centre. She heard about 26TEN and decided to give learning a go. This is what she had to say. 

"Through the program I've gained more skills and more confidence with my maths and English. I've learnt that with the right support it's possible to learn again."


Use these resources to highlight adult literacy and 26TEN. Please feel free to adapt them as needed. 

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26TEN Photo Consent Form A4 pdf

Full colour versions 

Certificate A4 pdf
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Mini-poster A4 pdf 
Poster A3 pdf

Versions without background 

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Invitation A4 pdf
Mini-poster A4 pdf 

26TEN Video Stories - Play or share these videos for 26TEN Week!

Inspire Learners: Big Changes for Learner Liz  (1 min 13 seconds)

Inspire Businesses: Could your business benefit from a 26TEN Employer Grant?  (38 seconds)

What small steps can people take who want improve their skills?

  • Remember that you are not alone. Many Australians are working to improve their reading, writing or maths skills.
  • Call the 26TEN helpline number, 1300 00 2610, and have a chat to someone who knows how to help.
  • Practise reading every day – even if it’s just 5 minutes.
  • Encourage others to learn.

Small steps for communities, organisations and others in the 26TEN Network 

  • Fill in the mini-poster and take a photo to share. What small steps have you taken and what big changes have you seen? 
  • Share a morning tea with businesses and community groups in your area and think of small steps you can take to encourage others.
  • Watch the 26TEN Chat video at a meeting - it only takes five minutes.
  • Email 26TEN to ask about a free Literacy Awareness or Plain English workshop.
  • Invite local learners to share their story to increase understanding of the issues.
  • Talk about why you support 26TEN in your newsletter and on your Facebook page.
  • Comment on and share the 26TEN Facebook page. 
  • Promote the 26TEN helpline - 1300 002 610.

And there's more

Let us know if you have any ideas or would like any promotional material. Email Christina and Allison at email@26ten.tas.gov.au