West Tamar Council - An employee’s story

Wayne Johnston drives a grader for the West Tamar Council. He has been working with Deb from TasTAFE to lift his literacy skills as part of a 26TEN employer grant.

He says work has changed a lot since he began working there.

"I started at the West Tamar Council 22 years ago," he said.

"There was no technology then. Because, I drive a grader, resheeting roads. I've never needed to touch a computer and I'm not real good at reading and writing."

"Now, I'm getting there with emails and slowly learning to use the keyboard. My reading's a bit better. Deb's taught me you just need to understand a few words in an email and you can work out what it's about. She's very understanding and helps me with forms and other paperwork."

Wayne says he's always been up front about his lack of skills.

"The way I've got through life is being open and honest. You'll find there is always someone willing to help you. I work in a team with two truck drivers and we help each other."