Peter's award for adult literacy work

Adult Literacy


Peter Brake is an adult literacy coordinator at Launceston library. Within the work that Peter does, he notices that when people have more knowledge of English and the ability to communicate, there is an exponential growth in their confidence and self-esteem. 

"You can just see in their face, too, that they're happier and a lot more engaged." Peter said. 

Peter has been awarded as a finalist for the Engaging our Learners: Adult Award 2019 as part of the Department of Education's, Together We Inspire Awards

"Every step, that's a step forward. Even if it's two steps forward and one step back, every bit of progress goes toward building that person, and that's just a huge reward to see that."

He says that respect, courage, aspiration and growth are excellent principles, and as far as the Libraries Tasmania and 26TEN programs go, respect is the foundation upon which their program is built.