George Town Adult Learners - Julie's Story

Julie adult learner george Town.jpg

My names Julie and this is my story as an adult learner. 

I was told by a friend about the literacy program and signed up. I met Anne and we have been working together now for over three years. 

My goal was to improve my reading, writing and my maths. I sat back and thought it would be a good opportunity for my grandchildren, children and myself. I wanted to be able to sit and read with them. I was really nervous when I started, a bit embarrassed. A week later I felt a bit more confident.

I’ve been able to read with my grandchildren, to do their home readers. I’ve accomplished what I wanted. I really didn’t think when I was younger that I would be able to do this.

Working with Anne is great. Anne is not at me, it is calm, and we have a break when needed. At the moment I’m working on my maths and my spelling. My goal is to do the times table. I wondered at times whether I’d be able to do the maths; it’s been a tricky thing for me to do. 

If I had a tutor like Anne back at school it really would have made a difference. What I’d say to others is, don’t feel ashamed. Come in and see someone. I feel better in myself, more confident. I can now go to the supermarket and add things up, read the backs of cans and know what is inside.

Before I couldn’t help my kids with their homework, when notes came home I relied on them to tell me what it was. Now I sit and read a book. I get the newspaper and read my star sign. And I’m learning how to use the computer. I’ve learnt a lot. My kids love it, I can help them.

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