Building the 26TEN Devonport community

​Devonport’s 26TEN Community Project – Using literacy and numeracy to build our community 

The Devonport 26TEN project has a mission to build people’s life choices and chances by improving their reading, writing and maths skills. The project is being led by theDevonport City Council as part of its Live and Learn strategy.  Since we began last year, we have been working in the community and encouraging businesses and industry members to join 26TEN. It’s vital that people can take advantages of opportunities in our area and meet the challenges of daily life too. We want to remove barriers to learning and encourage people to lift their reading, writing and maths skills.  We all have a responsibility for support literacy and numeracy and encourage everyone to work together to make it happen

Better reading, writing and maths skills benefit everyone

By joining the 26TEN project businesses across Devonport can support their workers to lift their reading, writing and maths skills and so boost the resilience and productivity of their organisations.  Employees benefit by building their skills and confidence and communities benefit when everyone is contributing. 

The Tasmanian Transport Association has committed to becoming a 26TEN member and to work with the project team to support transport businesses in Devonport. 

Making a difference - Daniel, a truck driver, lifts his skills

Daniel Brown is a truck driver with De Bruyn’s and joined a 26TEN program in 2018 to improve his reading skills. 
“My main goal was to improve my reading so I could read proper stories to my daughter and not feel like a fool. I had a great tutor and I enjoyed going along to hear his stories and his advice on the best ways to learn. I got to learn how to read with confidence”  

It’s 18 months since Daniel completed working with 26TEN and it has made such a difference to his life. 
“Not only can I read to my daughter, but I’ve now joined the parent help at the school. And I get to read the bike and car magazines also, something I didn’t do before. The transport industry is changing, and it will be important for all drivers to have better reading and maths skills soon to be able to do their job, especially with all the improvements in technology. 

Getting involved in the 26TEN activities can help everyone - the workers, the bosses and the transport owners”

26TEN communities are communities where people, organisations and businesses share a common goal of raising adult literacy and numeracy. They are places where it is understood that we need to work together to make a difference. Find out about more 26TEN grants.