Amy - ongoing learning at Fonterra

Ongoing learning at Fonterra


Amy is the training coordinator at Fonterra Australia. 

After being involved with 26TEN's grant project at a previous workplace and after she found out her current workplace were moving to an online learning system, 26TEN was a project she knew that worked.

"I think as technologies advance the need for the workplace to grow with it is there," Amy said. 

"Certainly from a training perspective and our workplace documentation, we are using more advanced software and a lot of our training is through an online learning system so the need for our workplace to develop with technology is important."

With the implementation of the 26TEN project, Amy has already began to see results within the workplace.

"From the literacy of our workforce we've had a number that have gone through and been involved in one-on-one support and the skills that they have got through the participation has meant that they've now gone to be successful in the new roles that they've been promoted to." she said. 

"That benefits our workplace but also the individual in their job satisfaction."

Amy highly encourages any businesses interested in furthering or developing their workforce, or even developing themselves to get in contact with 26TEN.