26TEN Community - Glenorchy

​The Importance of literacy - Glenorchy's 26TEN community

The Glenorchy 26TEN Community is focussed on encouraging and supporting learning with a project called 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs; building a learning community. The Project has been going since October 2017. Glenorchy City Council logo

Glenorchy City Council Glenorchy Library and 26TEN are taking a whole of community approach to addressing the learning needs, issues and challenges of the community. The project continues to increase knowledge and awareness of adult literacy by engaging with individuals, organisations, service providers and businesses in the Glenorchy community. 

It is also promoting the use of Plain English with business, community and service providers. The project encourages others to become involved with helping to support people with their learning, or to take the first steps on their own learning journey.

Glenorchy is a community that encourages and supports learning. Success is evident with people who have improved their reading and writing skills which benefits them and has a positive ripple effect to their families.

Glenorchy City Council Project Coordinator Kate Boatwright said it is great to see so many people committed to making a positive change.

“There are several businesses and organisations in Glenorchy who have recently formed partnerships to help support adult literacy in the community. We’re already seeing the development of new learning programs in Glenorchy as a result of this project. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.”

Tameeka Jamieson - a literacy success story

Tameeka Jamieson of Glenorchy has taken steps to increase her literacy skills which has given her confidence to enrol in a Certificate III in Business.

“The thing that helped me so much as well was all the help and encouragement from a staff member at Leprena – Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress,” she said.

“Having family, colleagues or friends to help you with your journey is a huge benefit and one I really appreciated."

“I am now employed as an administration officer at Leprena, so this shows what learning has done for me and shows how having someone who believed in me, encouraged me and continues to support my studies is helping me to achieve a new goal.”