26TEN Community - Bhutanese and Nepalese Community

The 26TEN Bhutanese and Nepalese Community has been formed by26TEN Bhutanese Nepalese Community the Australian Bhutanese Society of Northern Tasmania, in partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre North. It is a strong, cohesive group of about 900 refugees who have resettled in Launceston after living for up to 20 years in refugee camps. 

Members of the 26TEN Community will participate in a program led by the Migrant Resource Centre, titled ‘Let’s Talk’. The program supports members to build their skills and confidence to find work, to study and to understand their children's teachers, health professionals, other service providers and the wider community. Knowing and speaking more English will also encourage community members to widen their social circles and to embark on mainstream leisure and recreational activities. They will prepare to sit the Australian Citizenship Test. 

The program involves groups practising and learning English and will be conducted twice weekly in ten week blocks. The sessions will be based on conversations about subjects or direct relevance to the participants, such as employment, further training, participating in leisure and recreation activities and understanding Australian social, political and economic contexts. 

Given the motivation, strength and supportive nature of this community, we look forward to keeping you informed of progress.