26TEN Tasmania
Tasmania’s strategy for adult
literacy and numeracy 2016-2025

26TEN Tasmania is a ten-year strategy for all of Tasmania. It sets a framework for action by the whole state – business, community groups, government, education and training providers and individuals – who want to live in a state where all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communication skills they need for life.

In 2011, a population-wide survey identified that 48 percent of adult Tasmanians do not have the skills now needed for life and work in a technologically-rich world. In response, we have set ambitious, populationlevel targets for increased awareness, increased adult literacy and numeracy, and increased commitment to clear communication.

We are making good progress, but reaching these goals requires long-term commitment.

1400 people have
completed awareness or
clearly activities.

138 member organisations
and 627 supporters

have joined 26TEN
and taken action.

To succeed, we need more organisations and individuals to work together.

26TEN members and supporters will contribute to the collective effort in many different ways. Every action helps.

This action plan sets out the priorities that will guide and focus 26TEN efforts from 2018-2020.

Our vision: All Tasmanians have the literacy and numeracy skills they need for work and life.
26TEN Priorities 2018-2020

GOAL 1: Everyone knows about adult literacy and numeracy GOAL 2: Everyone is supported to improve their skills and to help others GOAL 3: Everyone communicates clearly
We will:
Build a culture of actively sharing what we learn from our collective efforts to raise adult literacy and numeracy
Target those not yet involved and motivate organisations and individuals to engage
Collectively contribute stories and statistics that will help us review our progress against the ten-year strategy in 2020
We will:
Help people know how to talk about literacy and numeracy with those who may need support
Make it easier for people to get the help they need to improve their skills
Encourage organisations providing literacy and numeracy support to work collaboratively
Help 26TEN members make building the literacy and numeracy of their workforce a normal part of their business
Give 26TEN supporters more opportunities to help in practical and meaningful ways
Support sectors, organisations and communities already involved to continue taking action
We will:
Promote good examples of clear communication
Help and encourage people and organisations to present information in clearer ways
Expand the range of plain English training and support available across the State

The 26TEN Coalition will support this by:

  • Engaging with target sectors and influencing all parts of them to become involved
  • Sharing the stories and making connections between organisations and individuals involved in raising adult literacy and numeracy
  • Promoting the use of plain English in all sectors and recognising and commending clear communication
  • Planning and guiding the 2020 review of 26TEN progress against goals and measures in the ten-year strategy

The 26TEN Team hosted in LINC Tasmania will support this by:

  • Making it easy for 26TEN members and supporters to share stories and make connections to build the collective effort
  • Tailoring and adapting tools and resources to support the efforts of the 26TEN Coalition, and 26TEN members and supporters
  • Providing grants to organisations and communities to build the literacy and numeracy skills of their people
  • Coordinating the 2020 review of 26TEN progress against goals and measures in the ten-year strategy