Fact Sheet - about 26TEN

What is 26TEN?

We live in a great state with many exciting opportunities. But too many adult Tasmanians are held back because their reading, writing, numeracy and speaking skills aren’t strong enough for the demands of daily life. 

Across Australia, all states and territories face a similar challenge. Tasmania is doing something about it. 

What sets Tasmania apart is we have a long-term strategy for change; 26TEN Tasmania: Tasmania’s Strategy for Adult Literacy and Numeracy 2016-2025. It sets the framework for action for businesses, community groups, government, education and training providers, and individuals, who want to live in a state where all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communications skills they need for life. 

  • 26TEN refers to the 26 letters of the alphabet and the 10 digits we use for counting. The tools for literacy and numeracy. The tools for life.
  • 26TEN brings together businesses, community, government organisations and individuals committed to improving adult literacy in Tasmania. 
  • 26TEN helps to connect Tasmanians with a range of programs and services offered by member organisations including Libraries Tasmania, Mission Australia and TasTAFE. And it helps businesses and organisations take their own action to contribute to the collective effort.

Our vision is for all Tasmanians to have the literacy and numeracy skills they need for work and life.  

We want a state where:

  • Everyone knows about adult literacy and numeracy
  • Everyone is supported to improve their skills and to help others
  • Everyone communicates clearly

26TEN is supported by a coalition, and a network of over 900 members and supporters

  • The 26TEN Coalition  is a group of  influentials Tasmanians committed to motivating a range of sectors in Tasmania to join the effort and act to lift literacy and numeracy. Sectors include health, education, community, legal, agriculture, 
  • the 26TEN Network – over 900 organisations, businesses, community groups, government agencies and individuals are 26TEN members (organisations) and supporters (individuals) who raise awareness, build skills and support Tasmanians

26TEN offers grants, workshops, a website and a help line

  • The 26TEN Chat, is a step-by-step guide helping Tasmanians start a conversation with those who struggle with reading, writing or maths.
  • The 26TEN grants program funds projects to improve the literacy skills of Tasmanians in workplaces and communities.
  • Free literacy awareness and plain English workshops raise awareness and promote understanding and action.
  • www.26ten.tas.gov.au – this website offers Tasmanians information about adult literacy programs and services and gives the 26TEN network a home.
  • The 26TEN help line, 1300 00 2610, is a free and confidential service to guide and refer Tasmanians seeking help. It is run by the kind and experienced staff at the Reading Writing Hotline.