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It's OK to Ask

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We know how important it is for people to ask questions, get the information they need, and find their way round health and community systems. But it can be hard, especially when someone feels vulnerable or stressed. 

'It's ok to ask' supports people to ask questions, and get the most from their visits. It also reminds services to welcome questions. 

The 'It's ok to ask' resources (posters, pamphlet, games, video clips, workshop materials and activities) have been co-developed with consumers as conversation starters, prompts, examples, and ways to build capacity and skills. You can mix and match resources to suit your setting or purpose. 

Resources are available in electronic and hard versions.  

Email  for copies or links, or to discuss any of the resources and how they can be used.

It's OK to Ask Brochure 

This brochure has helpful information to make the most of a visit to a community or health service. It includes 'tips for before and during an appointment', and 'questions you can ask'.it's ok to ask A4 brochure

Hard copies are also available. 

Brochure - Getting the most from visits to health services

Audio - Getting the most from visits to health services

It's OK to Ask Posters

These 3 posters encourage people to ask questions. Each poster includes ‘It’s ok to ask’ along with a different message. 

Poster 1  - Want information? Got questions? Need support?

Poster 2 - Ask questions. We welcome them.

Poster 3 - (Blank - add your own message or image).


They are also available in A3 and A4 hard copy on request. 

It's OK to Ask People Posters

These 8 posters with the same ‘It’s Ok to ask’ design but showing people from different ages and backgrounds saying ‘I find it hard to ask…. But if I don’t, I won’t know’. Also available in A4 and A3 hard copies on request.female scratching her head

Poster 1 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 2 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 3 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 4 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 5 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 6 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 7 - It's ok to ask people poster

Poster 8 - It's ok to ask people poster

It's OK to Ask Video Clips

This short clip has local people sharing their ideas and experiences on asking questions and finding information.

Video 1: Asking Questions 




Video 2:  It's OK to Ask: Tips for Asking questions


Video 3: Welcoming questions: Jake's story 


Video 4: Asking questions: Ella's story

It's OK to Ask Games

These 2 games are engaging ways to explore things that help or hinder health and wellbeing. They are designed as ‘conversation starters’. 

Snakes and Ladders Game

Which Snakes and Ladders will change your health? And what will Chance throw your way? Play the game and find out. Share stories and experiences with others as you move around the board. snakes and ladders game

Gameboard in A2 and in A3 - Snakes and Ladders

Chance cards - back

Chance cards - front

We Can Game

Can we do these things that support our health and wellbeing? Yes, No, With Support…. check out the cards and decide. Can be played with one, two or a group. 

Question Cards - side 1

Question Cards - side 2