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Aged Care

A growing sector requires skilled employees
Tasmania’s aging population requires specialist workers to deliver a range of care and support services, especially to low income and vulnerable Tasmanians. This sector is the fastest growing in Australia and a high contributor to the Tasmanian economy.

Those in the aged-care sector need strong literacy and numeracy skills to engage with clients and provide quality service. Workers may need to assist the person they support with filling in forms, interpreting medication labels or using a bus timetable. They also need to be able to takes notes on their clients, fill in timesheets and manage their time.  

26TEN is supporting action in the Aged-Care Sector
Allyson Warrington  represents the Aged-Care Sector on the 26TEN Coalition  Allyson is the CEO of Community Based Support who are at the forefront of coordinating support for older Tasmanians at home or in the community. Allyson is working with 26TEN in aged care sectors to raise the level of skills and make a difference to both workers and their clients.