​​​​ ​ Get help with reading,
writing and maths.

Help build skills

Adults who need to improve their skills need access to the best quality literacy and numeracy teaching and support.

26TEN is helping adult literacy and numeracy teachers, tutors and volunteers improve their skills to provide high quality teaching and learning support.

Check out our workshops for literacy practitioners. And we’re working with organisations that offer literacy support to make sure it’s easy to find out where to get help.

Let's Work Together

Assist other adults with reading, writing and maths

Become a volunteer literacy tutor and learn how to help people improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Literacy practitioners can register as an Adult Literacy Skills Officers and work with organisations and communities to boost the skills levels of employees and community members.

Let's Work Together

Everyone can be part of the solution

26TEN supporters are people who know we need to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania and who want to be counted as supporters of our program. 26TEN invites Tasmanian adult literacy and numeracy training providers to register their service with the Reading Writing Hotline.

Adult literacy practitioners

26TEN provides professional development for Tasmania’s adult literacy practitioners. 
This includes workshops, ACSF validation and moderation and webinars. 
We also manage a site that shares adult literacy teaching and assessment resources.
This site also houses any resources made in 26TEN projects. 

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Interested in being an adult literacy practitioner?

The Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy (TCAL) has developed a Practitioner Pathways Map (PPM)

It identifies the qualifications available for people involved in the delivery of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) programs for adults. It also gives an overview of the entry points for people who want to join the Adult LLN workforce and the pathways available.

Who can help

We have a team of coordinators and trained volunteers around Tasmania that can help you with reading, writing or maths.  We offer one to one support, small group activities and courses to help get you started.  Our service is free and confidential.

At TasTAFE we provide training to help you get the qualification you need for a job. We offer training courses in reading, writing and maths skills, and English language skills. We can also offer extra support while you train in other courses. Contact us today.

We fund adult and family literacy programs that are offered in some Neighbourhood Houses in Tasmania. There are resources about family, health and adult literacy on our website.

We are a free phone referral service for adults who need help with reading, writing and maths. We put people in touch with reading and writing help around Australia. 
If you are a literacy practitioner, register with us. 

​We can help you prepare your resume, write a cover letter and with interview and job search skills. Our services are available to anyone across Tasmania.

​If you’re aged between 15 and 21 we can work with you to help you get a job, enter training, or finish Year 12.

​We provide training to lift your literacy, numeracy and employability skills.

​We can work with you to help you get into employment.

We have adult literacy programs aimed to boost adult literacy levels in Tasmania; increase the core skills levels of people in the workplace and communities; build a culture of life-long learning; and to make it easier for employees and community groups to access literacy support.

We are a network of organisations and individuals working together to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania. We offer free workshops, grants to fund literacy projects and a free confidential referral process for people seeking help.


What's happening

What’s happening

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