Adult Literacy Skills Officers

As part of the 26TEN Employer Grants Program, Tasmanian businesses can apply for up to $50,000 to run literacy and numeracy skill building projects. If a business receives a grant, they use the funding to employ an Adult Literacy Skills Officer (ALSO). The ALSO delivers the workplace project and works directly with employees (paid and volunteer) to improve their literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

Projects typically include:

  • improving the reading, writing and maths skills of employees so they can do their jobs better
  • training employees to write work documents in plain English
  • training supervisors and managers to support employees with low literacy.

ALSOs usually work with a business for a period of 12 to 24 months part-time, to support these projects.

For a case study of one of our projects, click Aquaculture Business 26TEN Project.

26TEN keeps the names and details of suitably qualified and experienced literacy practitioners who may be available to support projects as they come up

Go to the ALSO registration form on our website to submit your details and curriculum vitae.

You will be contacted by 26TEN for a chat about your skills and experience. If deemed suitable, you will be placed on our register and we will contact you regarding any upcoming opportunities that match your skills and location.

  • a teaching or education qualification (TAE Cert IV or higher)
  • a minimum 2 years’ experience teaching literacy and numeracy to adults OR be willing to complete relevant training, for example the TasTAFE course Tutor Adult Literacy Learners
  • an understanding of the issues surrounding adult literacy
  • a knowledge of and an ability to apply the ACSF (or the ability to quickly gain this knowledge).

The number of hours will depend on the amount of funding received by the business and length of the project. Typically, a $50,000 project will employ an ALSO for 3 days per week. The days and hours will need to be negotiated to suit the business needs and your availability.

The ALSO is not employed by 26TEN, but by the business receiving the grant. They will likely contact us for suitable candidates and then follow their usual employment processes. The business makes the choice as to whether they advertise externally and who they choose to employ.

Find out more information about the 26TEN Employer Grants Program on our website.

You can also contact us on or call Jen on 6165 6122 or Kate on 6165 5515.