Adult Literacy Trainers

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26TEN Adult Literacy Trainers are employed by Tasmanian businesses that have received a 26TEN Employer Grant. The Trainer is the literacy and numeracy expert. They will assess employees' literacy levels, deliver the training needed, and report.  

About the 26TEN Adult Literacy Trainer Register

The 26TEN Adult Literacy Trainer Register is a register of people with the right qualifications and experience to deliver workplace literacy projects. We keep this information to help businesses find you. You are a rare breed 😊

By applying to be included on the register, you are not applying for a specific job.

If you are deemed suitable you will be added to our list of people to contact when we need people for our projects.

There is no guarantee of employment.

Applying for the Adult Literacy Trainer Register

You may be suitable for our register if you:

  • have qualifications and experience in teaching / education or other relevant background
  • are interested in working with adults in their workplace to help improve their literacy

  • are financially secure and flexible with your employment.

pd duggans to website.JPGTutoring in a workplace is different to class-based activity. Businesses have competing priorities and you will need to be flexible and adaptable to work with the business and their needs. You will need to be resilient and have excellent interpersonal skills backed by good technical (ie LLN) skills.

  • are eager to learn new skills and complete training. 

For example, if you:

  • haven't worked on a workplace literacy project before, you might need to spend time shadowing an experienced Adult Literacy Trainer on the job
  • haven't worked with the Australian Core Skills Framework, you will need to attend training to learn how to use it
  • have less than two years' experience teaching literacy and numeracy to adults, you will need to complete relevant training, for example the TasTAFE TALL course.

All the training will be offered for free, but you will need to do it in your own time.

Work is sporadic and not guaranteed. If you do end up working on one of our projects, you're likely to be on a 12-month contract, working 2 or 3 days per week.

If you feel you are suitable for the register and are interested, please apply on the Registration Form or contact