Mark's story "Don't be afraid to have a go"

Mark, a learner at Glenorchy Library, has advice for anyone wanting to improve their reading and writing.

"Don’t be scared to have a go. It is difficult, it is frustrating, but it does build confidence and there is light at the end of the tunnel."

I never wanted to go to school at first. In class I can’t ever remember learning anything. I liked sport and woodwork and metalwork. I left school at year 10 and got a job in the timber mill. For the last 27 years I’ve worked at Cadburys.

My wife pushed me into getting some help. We both realised that working was starting to involve more paperwork. Also children came along and I wanted to try to understand what they were doing at school and be able to help.

I can now read better. It’s helped me with learning the rules for basketball umpiring and I can read and understand the paperwork at work, such as the documentation for trouble shooting problems with machinery.

I’m more confident about letting people know I have a problem with reading and writing and I’m more willing to have a go myself first before asking someone.