26TEN helps businesses, community groups, government, educators, and individuals to work together so all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communication skills they need for life.

One way we help is to provide grants for:

  • employers to build skills in literacy, numeracy, and communication in their workforce
  • communities to work together to build literacy and numeracy skills and encourage clear communication.
The 2017 - 2018 grant round (employers and communities) opens on 28 August 2017. 

Grants for Employers


Closing 28 February 2018

These grants support  employers and peak bodies to run projects to increase the literacy and numeracy skills of Tasmanian workers (paid and voluntary). Projects can include improving all aspects of workplace communication, for example, to: 

  • improve the reading, writing and maths skills of employees so they can do their jobs better
  • train employees to write work documents in plain English
  • train supervisors and managers to support workers to build the literacy and numeracy skills they need to do their job.

Employers operating in Tasmania, Tasmanian industry associations and peak bodies, and registered training organisations (in partnership with Tasmanian employers, industry associations, peak bodies) can apply.

More detailed information is available here.

Grants to build 26TEN communities

Closing 7 November 2017

These grants fund people to work together in a coordinated way to lift literacy and numeracy.

The goal is to build a community where:

  • everyone knows about 26TEN
  • literacy and numeracy are talked about openly and seen as valuable skills that can be learned or improved
  • people can easily tap into programs and services to help them improve their literacy and numeracy
  • information is presented in ways that community members can readily understand.

startingpoint.JPGAny Tasmanian community, geographic or connected in other ways, with a strong, large network that has a passion for building the literacy and numeracy skills of their community is eligible to apply. Our publication Becoming a 26TEN Community is a useful guide to the steps a community needs to take. 

More detailed information is available here.

For advice

Contact Jen Dunbabin (03) 6165 6122 or email us at  

If you have decided to apply for a grant please talk to us.  We are here to support your application process.

Early consultation may avoid later disappointment.