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26TEN is a network of organisations and individuals working together to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania. Better literacy and numeracy means a better Tasmania for all.

26TEN has an ambitious ten-year strategy to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania. We want a state where:

Everyone knows about adult literacy and numeracy

Everyone is supported to improve their skills and to help others

Everyone communicates clearly

26TEN includes:

A members program to help build the network and to extend the range of programs, services and support available to Tasmanians.

The 26TEN website to inform Tasmanians about programs and services and to give the network a home.

The 1300 00 2610 service to guide and refer Tasmanians seeking help.

A campaign to inform the community of the benefits of adult literacy skills and that the 26TEN network is ready and available to help.

26TEN Coalition

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    About the 26TEN Coalition

    26TEN Coalition

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    Malcolm Wells

    26TEN Coalition Chair

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    Gail Eaton-Briggs 26TEN Coalition member

    Adult Learning and Trades sector

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    Richard Warner 26TEN Coalition member

    Agriculture sector

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    Allyson Warrington 26TEN Coalition member

    Aged Care and Disability Care sectors

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    Traycee Di Virgilio 26TEN Coalition member

    Building and Construction sector

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    Bec Thomas 26TEN Coalition Member

    Local Government sector

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    John Upcher 26TEN Coalition member

    Legal sector

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    Sue McKerracher

    26TEN Coalition Member

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    Alex Paterson

    26TEN Coalition Member

We are a small team committed to building the 26TEN network of individuals, organisations and communities that use plain English and support people to improve literacy.

Our skills cover literacy, teaching, volunteering, communications and supporting communities.


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What’s happening

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